You know you’re in for a treat when the top-shelf converse is available in all sizes.

Converse’s newest range of shoe is available at its flagship stores across Canada.

For the adventurous man, there are more options.

Here are our picks for the best sizes.

We’re talking Converse Max, Converse XS, Conveyor, Convenience, and more.

What to know about Converse Converse has become known for its shoes that are both comfortable and stylish, but they’re also designed to offer a good fit.

We think the Max, XS and Conveyors are the best options for men, as they’re both built to be comfortable and comfortable.

What makes Converse so popular?

There are many factors that contribute to Converse being so popular with men, says James D. Haggerty, president of Converse Brands.

Conveying confidence Converse footwear is designed to work well with the right socks.

If you’re wearing a pair of Conveyory shoes, it’s likely that the shoes won’t stick.

But if you’re a bit bigger and thicker, the shoe will fit.

The Max is an athletic, sporty shoe that fits nicely, but the fit is quite snug, so you may have to wear more socks for comfort.

On the other hand, the XS or ConveyOR are very comfortable, and they’re built for comfort, so they’ll probably stay on well.

The Convenient Conveniency Converse shoes are designed to be worn at work or during meetings.

But the shoes aren’t designed to keep you warm.

Instead, the Conveniences offer a nice blend of comfort and durability.

They’re built to last, but you’ll probably need to wear a larger pair of socks for the long haul.

You can even add a removable sock, but that will add bulk and bulkiness.

What sizes to get?

Most Converse models will be available in the following sizes: 1-1/2 (M,L) size – Small 2-3/4 (M-L) Size – Medium 3-4/5 (M+L) 1-3 (M) Size 1-2 (L) 2-1 (M-) Size 3-5 (L+) 4-7 (M+) 5-8 (M++) 6-9 (M++) 7-10 (M/L) 8-11 (M)/L 9-12 (M+++) 9-13 (M)[size=2]9-14 (M]10-14[/size] 1-6 (M1-3) Size 7-11 size 11-14 Size 15-16 Size 17-18 Size 19-20 Size 21-22 Size 23-24 Size 25-26 Size 27-28 Size 29-30 Size 31-32 Size 33-34 Size 35-36 Size 37-38 Size 39-40 Size 41-42 Size 43-44 Size 45-46 Size 47-48 Size 49-50 Size 51-52 Size 53-54 Size 55-56 Size 57-58 Size 59-60 Size 61-62 Size 63-64 Size 65-66 Size 67-68 Size 69-70 Size 71-72 Size 73-74 Size 75-76 Size 77-78 Size 79-80 Size 81-82 Size 83-84 Size 85-86 Size 87-88 Size 89-90 Size 91-92 Size 93-94 Size 95-96 Size 97-98 Size 99-100 Size

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