Asics is set to ban advertising for shoes made with white soles after the Australian Federal Police and ASADA flagged concerns over its adverts.

The adverts for the company’s running shoes were placed in local newspapers in the South East and have since been removed from the company website.

The shoes were advertised in the local newspaper in Adelaide and Brisbane on Tuesday.

Asics said it would be working with ASADA to “restrict adverts from other businesses”.

“We’re pleased that the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has found that the adverts are inappropriate,” Asics said in a statement.

“We will continue to work closely with ASA to ensure that the ads do not appear in future.”

“In this case, we’ve made an independent assessment and have removed the ad.

We also have removed some of the other ads that were put up in the area.”

As a result, Asics’ running shoe advertising is now no longer permitted.

“ASADA said it will consider the complaint, which was made on March 23.”

This is an issue that is being looked at by the ASA.

We will take a call on the outcome of that process, and we will follow up as soon as that is finalised,” a spokesperson for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said.”

While we appreciate that we’ve taken the appropriate action, we want to assure everyone that we will not be giving advice on this matter.

“The ad campaign for Asics was part of a wider campaign to get Asics to remove its shoes from the market.

The running shoe appears to have white soled shoes on a black background.”

You’re gonna want a shoe like this,” the narrator says.

The running shoe appears to have white soled shoes on a black background.

The advert has been placed in the newspapers since at least December and was likely to be removed by Tuesday.

“It’s a very controversial issue, but we think it’s a legitimate advertising campaign that’s done the right thing,” ASADA spokesperson David Taylor said.

The ASADA complaint comes as the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) is looking into the use of footwear as performance enhancers in an attempt to track banned substances.

The agency last month revealed a study which found that US athletes had used performance enhancing drugs on a regular basis.

A report from USADA into the performance enhancing use of sport and its consequences, released last month, revealed a rise in performance enhancing prescription drugs use by athletes, athletes-turned-businesses and the general public.USADA said in the report that in 2016, athletes used a total of 4,053 performance enhancing prescriptions, of which 2,634 were for prescription amphetamines, 3,622 were for prescribed painkillers, and 3,907 were for recreational drugs.

In addition, it said that USADA also discovered a “preliminary” increase in the number of prescription amphetamine-type substances used in sport in 2016.”USADA’s work is focused on preventing and controlling the misuse and abuse of these substances,” USADA said.AAP

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