Red Wings coach Mike Babcock’s first season in Detroit was marred by the injury of superstar Pavel Datsyuk, but he was also one of the most talented coaches in the NHL and his squad was among the most entertaining.

Now he’s a big believer in getting a younger coach, and he’s going to do whatever it takes to help the Red Wings get back to the postseason.

The Detroit Red Wings are currently riding a three-game winning streak in the Eastern Conference, but Babcock says he doesn’t see a reason why they won’t be in the hunt for the Stanley Cup by April.

“It’s going be tough, I mean, the playoff picture is so far out there,” Babcock said.

“There’s so many factors.

And the thing about playoffs is, they’re tough games.

They’re a great test of character, and if you don’t make the playoffs, it’s not a fun team to play.

So we’ve got to play well.

If we do that, I think we’re in the mix for the playoffs.”

Babcock and his staff have done a lot of work on developing a younger roster and Babcock isn’t ready to start thinking about the future just yet.

He said he wants to see if he can find a coach that fits the Red Wing model, which includes a younger player.

“You have to go out there and show you’re ready for it and show people you’re good enough and we can win,” Babch said.

“I think if you look at the way the team has played, and I have seen that, the way we have played, we are the best team in the league at playing with pace.

That’s the key.

We can’t be stagnant.

We’ve got a big part of that game.

So, I’m not thinking about what it’s going do to my team, because it’s a lot more than that.

We’re trying to find the right balance.

The Red Wings have played well in their first seven games and have now gone 11-2-1, but there’s still plenty of work to be done.

The Red Wings host the Pittsburgh Penguins on Tuesday night and then face the Washington Capitals on Wednesday.

Babch said he believes in the Red Warhorses chances to make the postseason, but it’s up to the organization to see how it performs.

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