The next time you need to make the most of your camper shoes for girls you may want to think about wearing them to the beach.

You won’t be alone.

A new study has found that almost half of Australian girls have bought camper sandals, despite the fact that most of them have not worn them for years.

The study, by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, found that girls’ preference for camper footwear, which has been linked to more physical activity, is not driven by the amount of money spent on footwear but rather by a desire to maintain a physical appearance.

Researchers say girls are looking for ways to keep themselves active, which is partly why they prefer to buy camper boots, but they also want to maintain their body shape and strength.

“The girls who have bought them for a long time tend to have more body fat and body fat distribution is more skewed towards men,” Associate Professor of Psychology, Dr Lisa Liddell, said.

“That is why they tend to be more active in the summer months and are more likely to be involved in sports.”

It may be tempting to buy one of these camper boot models as a girl will have a greater chance of finding a suitable fit.

But in reality, the girls wearing them have no choice but to do so.

“They can’t change their shoes and they’re not going to have the same physical health benefits as boys,” Associate Prof Liddill said.

“If you want to look good and fit, you can’t get a fit with a campaign.”

The research found that the more girls the study looked at, the more they favoured camper soles.

Dr Liddells said the study did not show camper sole purchase was linked to health or wellbeing, but she said the finding was important.

“We know that girls don’t feel like they can wear camper foot shoes as often as boys and it’s a bit of a barrier to wearing camper in general,” she said.

Dr Lidells said camper feet could have a “major impact on health” and the Australian Outdoor Trade Association recommends against wearing campains during summer months.

“It’s not recommended in the outdoors in general, but it’s really important when you’re going to wear it outdoors to avoid wearing them on hot days,” Associate Associate Professor Liddoll said.

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