Nike shoes are becoming more popular, but they’re still a niche product, according to a new Next Big Futures report.

The company has been slowly introducing more high-end hiking shoes and hiking boots to its market, but its recent focus on sneakers could prove to be a turning point.

While the company’s stock has dropped nearly 50% since February, it’s seen a big increase in the number of consumers who have purchased Nike shoes.

And, as the market has evolved, so have the price tags.

For instance, if you’re looking for a $500 pair of Nike tennis shoes or hiking boots, they’ll set you back $300.

But if you need to spend $700 to get a pair of the same shoes, that number jumps to $2,700.

The Nike sneakers are the most popular pair of hiking shoes on the market, according the report, which examined sales in the U.S. and worldwide.

The brand has seen more than 4.3 million pairs sold, which is up from 476,000 pairs in 2015.

But that number is still a lot lower than what some of the best-selling brands like Adidas, Under Armour, and Nike have sold in the past.

The Next Big Trends report found that, while the shoe industry has shifted to a more high end niche, the top five brands in terms of sales are still Nike, Under Armor, Adidas, and Under Armour.

“The trend of people buying more Nike shoes and more Adidas sneakers is a natural progression,” Next BigTrend analyst Marko Kroli told The Verge.

“There’s been a change of perspective from the last decade where we were all looking at sneakers as niche products, and it’s become the norm.”

What makes a shoe better?

For most consumers, they might not even notice a difference between the shoe they’ve purchased and their last pair of sneakers.

But there are some notable differences.

According to Next BigFuture, sneakers are more durable than hiking boots.

“When you get into the construction of the shoe, there are a few areas that really make a difference, which we call the ‘durable’ areas,” Krolis said.

“For instance, the insoles are made of softer material that can withstand impacts and wear, and the heel and toe are made from a more durable material that also can withstand impact.”

That’s where nike’s durability comes in.

For example, Kroliassole has tested three pairs of Nike sneakers that were tested in the desert.

The shoes were tested with a variety of impacts, including sand, rocks, and heavy rocks.

Kroliossole also noted that the heel of the shoes was “faster to grip” and that it felt less “soft.”

“The most important thing about shoes is their durability,” Krolli said.

The most important part of the toe cap is the heel.

The heel is also the most expensive part of a shoe.

The other important part is the insole.

Insoles are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, like sand, dirt, and mud.

They also have a layer of water resistant material that makes them tougher to slip on, but can’t take as much impact.

“If you take a look at the insets for Under Armour sneakers, the ones that are the best quality, they’re the ones with the highest insoles, but also the lowest insoles of any shoe,” Kropni said.

This is because insoles can be worn out in harsh weather, which means the inset will be a little bit thinner than the rest of the product.

For Nike, it also means that their sneakers will be able to withstand impact that will be much less damaging than a hiking boot.

“Insoles are the reason the Nike shoes are so durable,” Krali said, because they have a high-impact coating that helps keep them from flexing or tearing under extreme pressure.

“They are very flexible and durable,” he added.

When it comes to the insolers, there’s also a huge difference between a shoe and an insole: “Insolers are really, really thin,” Kolli said of the insulating layer.

“You could say that they’re like a foam layer.

They can be up to three millimeters thick.”

So while they’re designed to protect the insides, they actually make the shoe thinner and therefore more flexible.

What’s a hiking sneaker?

For anyone who’s ever spent a lot of time outdoors, the word “hiking” is a little familiar.

In fact, many of the most common footwear brands have taken a cue from Nike’s shoes, like Under Armour’s “Hiking Boots.”

“Hike is the word that comes to mind when you hear ‘hiking boots,'” Krolius said.

Under Armour is also known for its “Hikes” and its “Snowshoes,” which are similar to Nike’s “High-Top Boots.” But Nike’s

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