Wedding dress is a must.

You can’t just wear the wrong one.

If you’re like me, you find yourself in a bind.

I know it sounds silly, but I feel like the best way to find the right dress is to spend some time with friends, family and co-workers who have done the research for you.

Here are 10 dress ideas to help you get the most bang for your buck.1.

A strapless bridal gownThe bridesmaids dress may be long, but it can be the most flattering dress for you and your family.

The perfect strapless wedding dress is usually a little too revealing, so you’ll need to make sure you choose a dress that is comfortable and flattering.

For the best fit, make sure your dress has a back to front seam and is not too short.

A shorter skirt or a longer skirt can make it more comfortable, too.2.

A high neckline wedding dressThe neckline is the most visible part of a brides dress, so choosing the right one can make a big difference in how it looks and how you look.

Try not to go with a dress too low, as it can make your dress look too loose.

This dress can be shorter or longer than your measurements, depending on your preference.

The neckline can be very flattering if you’re short, but be sure to choose the right neckline for your measurements.3.

A lace wedding dressIf you’re planning a wedding in a lace style, make a list of the colors and fabrics you’ll be wearing and find a suitable one for your wedding.

If your brides mother loved this dress, you should definitely pick it.

If not, you can always wear a matching skirt or an embellished gown for the occasion.4.

A sequin wedding dressTry this dress with a ribbon, lace or a tulle bodice.

The lace or tulle is more flattering, and the ribbon is a little more subtle than a traditional gown.

You’ll probably have to do some alterations to the dress to make it look your perfect.5.

A silk wedding dressSilk is a fabulous fabric to wear in your wedding, especially if you are an avid silk lover.

This brides gown has a beautiful silk bodice, which makes it perfect for a casual wedding or when you’re visiting a friend or relative.6.

A floral dressTry a dress with floral appliques and floral designs on the bodice and skirt.

This looks great on a dresser, but you can make this look even more stunning by adding floral patterns on the waistband.

It’s a great way to showcase your love for flowers in your own wedding.7.

A chiffon dressThe bridal party likes a chiffan dress, which is usually an embellishment that gives the gown a touch of color.

You might like to make the dress more formal, like a cocktail dress or a formal gown.

Make sure to buy a dress for your bridal shower or a wedding reception.8.

A pleated wedding dressThis dress is often considered one of the best dresses for formal events because it’s easy to put on and take off.

It can be worn in the morning, but the sleeves can also be worn at night.

If the brides party wants to wear a formal wedding dress, make it for them and make sure to have the sleeves shortened.9.

A beaded wedding gownThis is a special dress that goes with many different styles.

It looks stunning when it’s draped over the table, or it can have an intricate, decorative pattern on the back and neckline.

You may need to alter the length to match your bris to make this dress look perfect.

It also can make for a great look for a baby shower or graduation ceremony.10.

A corset wedding dressFor a bridal reception, a corset is usually the dress you wear to show off your curves.

The sleeves can be pulled up or down to make your corset look more flowing.

It should be long enough to reach the neckline and wide enough to show the curves of your breasts.

You should always wear long sleeves for this dress.

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