Kyrie Irving’s LeBron James sneaker sales are up and up.

And they’re not coming from Nike.

According to Nike, Irving’s new LeBron James sneakers are up 15% from last year, when the shoe brand stopped selling sneakers for NBA players.

The latest Nike sales data for the Cleveland Cavaliers’ new LeBron basketball shoes came out Wednesday.

Nike says Irving’s shoes sold more than 4 million in the first quarter, compared to 3.6 million in 2016.

In 2017, Nike released a report that said the LeBron shoes sold 3.7 million in their first six months of sales.

Irving said the first-quarter sales are a reflection of how the LeBron shoe business is growing.

“I think that the shoe business has done a great job with that,” Irving said.

“We’ve got great relationships with people and a great relationship with Nike.

I think that’s what really helped us, the fact that Nike is such a big part of the shoe market, so much of the excitement around that.

So, I think we’re very happy with the growth that we’ve seen in the last couple of months, especially in the NBA.”

There’s so much great stuff out there that you don’t know you need until you see it.

I feel like that’s why we’re really enjoying this brand, it’s the best of the best.

“Nike’s latest report was based on a survey of 1,500 retailers.

According to the report, the majority of the retailers surveyed were Nike retailers.

Irving, for instance, said a majority of Nike stores were in his hometown of Cleveland.

Irving said he would have liked to see a Nike shoe store in his home state of Ohio, but it wasn’t a priority.”

Nichex did a really good job for us, and we’re extremely happy with how things are going with them.””

They helped us get in front of the fans, which I feel is important, and they really got in front in the basketball world.

Nichex did a really good job for us, and we’re extremely happy with how things are going with them.”

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