Louis Vuitton is introducing diabetic shoes for the first time in its history, allowing diabetic runners to take the pressure off their feet with SauCony Running Shoes.

The brand has been working to bring the shoes to the masses in an attempt to reduce the amount of pressure that runners put on their feet.

The shoes are available in the US and Canada, but there is currently no release in the UK.

“We believe that diabetic runners will love the Sauconys Running Shoes and want to be part of the SauConys team to get them into their hands as soon as possible,” said Dr Helen O’Connor, Sauconies Vice President of Sport, Fitness and Wellness.

“We know that many of our customers want to get into running, and the Saucos are a perfect fit.”

Sauconys shoes will be available in two sizes – the “normal” and “special” sizes.

Sauconos standard “normal size” will be £99 ($120), while the “special size” is £169 ($190). 

The shoes have a cushioned rubber sole that is soft to the touch, and will last for 30 hours of continuous use.

They come in three colour options – green, black and white. 

Saucomys shoes are made with polyurethane, which is highly absorbent and will not damage your shoes. 

The Saucon’s “special style” is a version of the shoe that features an embroidered Sauconian design on the back. 

A Saucon says: “We know you want your running shoes to last, and we know you need your shoes to be comfortable, durable and stylish.” 

“We are excited to work with Saucos to bring this revolutionary shoe to the running community,” said Helen O ‘Connor.

“Saucos are committed to improving the running environment in all areas of our business.

We are committed and ready to bring our products to a wider audience.”

The Saucomys running shoes will bring you a stylish, durable running shoe that can keep up with the demands of a marathoner.” 

“With our latest launch, we are taking the Saucomy Running to a new level by bringing them to the everyday running market.” “

In our long-term vision, we believe that diabetes runners will enjoy the comfort, durability and style of Sauconymaking SauconYards Running Shoes,” said O’ Connor.

“With our latest launch, we are taking the Saucomy Running to a new level by bringing them to the everyday running market.” 

For more information about Sauconya Running Shoe, please visit www.saucomy.com

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