How to find a pair of shoes to match your style

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Clipper announces $1 billion merger with J.Crew

Clipper says it has reached an agreement to merge with J Crew, which would create a retail giant with $1.6 billion in sales.The deal would take Clipper to an estimated $1,800 billion, said Jeff Bewkes, Clipper’s CEO.The merged company would also have a global presence.“J.Crew is the leading retail and fashion brand in the world,” …

Shoe Carnival Coupons are on sale for $10 on, with coupon codes and images of Burberry shoes available for free

Apple is kicking off its 2017 Spring Sale with a bang.The company is kicking things off with the sale of Burrell boots and Nike shoes for $20, which is worth $10.The sale will run through February 25th, though a special “special offer” has been announced, which will include two Burrell shoes for a discount.That deal …

Asics running shoe paint adverts banned by ASADA

Asics is set to ban advertising for shoes made with white soles after the Australian Federal Police and ASADA flagged concerns over its adverts.The adverts for the company’s running shoes were placed in local newspapers in the South East and have since been removed from the company website.The shoes were advertised in the local newspaper …

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