Polygon’s resident stylist and footwear expert, Ashley Smith, has compiled a collection of the best and worst of the worst shoes that women wear.

For example, this year, Smith’s favorite dress shoes are the black dress shoes by Zara.

She has an even more extreme and controversial pair of black dress flats.

They are so expensive, you might not even be able to find them.

These shoes are so out of place, Smith says, that she often ends up wearing them in the morning and evening.

(There are also several black flats from Abercrombie and Fitch that she doesn’t wear because they’re too “off.”)

It’s a bit of a stretch, but these black dress heels look like they were designed by a young, bored fashion designer, she says.

Smith’s top pick is the black shoe by JCPenney.

These are a “fashionable” and “fun” pair of heels, she writes.

They’re not “out of place,” and they’re very versatile.

However, they don’t look that stylish and are not flattering.

They don’t have the same “slip” to them that black dress shoe heels do, so they won’t grab the hair of most women.

The black dress feet also aren’t flattering on anyone but the most attractive women, and Smith’s shoes are too narrow and high.

This is probably because the black feet are wider and longer than the dress shoes.

These dress shoes also don’t come in all colors and designs, and the white ones are too plain.

The white ones, which are usually worn by women who are thinner and have thinner legs, look like you’ve taken them out of a picture.

They can also be hard to find, especially in the summer, when people are more likely to wear dress shoes with long heels and no padding.

In a study from the University of Chicago, women who wear black dress-flats report having less energy and moods.

When Smith looks at these shoe reviews, she thinks about what she calls “fashioning” and what “real women” wear.

“I like to think that fashion is a process, and it’s about having good taste and being able to tell when a shoe is going to fit and how it’s going to feel,” she says, noting that she’s “not saying it’s a bad thing to wear a dress shoe.

It’s just something to think about.”

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