Toms is the brand that first brought us the classic adidas sneaker and now it’s launching a pair of shoes inspired by that iconic sneaker.

Toms has teamed up with adidas to release a range of adidas shoes that incorporate the adidas brand, including a pair called “Lion” and a pair known as “Bunny.”

The shoes, which are both available now for $220 at Toms, are a bit different than what you might expect from a Toms shoe.

Rather than a “Lions” or “Bunnies” colorway, the shoes are available in a “Toms” color, and are called “Tomboy” and “Mountain.”

The Toms Tomboy shoes feature the same leather-like material used in the original Toms “Lons” and Mountain shoes.

The sole on the shoes is made from anodized aluminum, which is the same material used for the shoes’ upper.

The shoes are also available in an “Eagle” color option, which can be used to create the look of an eagle on the heel and toe.

The footwear also includes a black leather lining and a “Navy” logo on the tongue.

There are some design details that make the shoes feel a little different from the original “Lones.”

The tongue has a slightly different shape, which seems to have been inspired by the design of the original Lion.

The heel of the shoes also has a different angle from the Lion.

There’s also a subtle nod to the original adidas Lion sneakers, but there are some other details that are not quite as subtle.

For starters, the sole on both the Lion and Bunny shoes is crafted from an aluminum alloy, which makes the shoes a little less rugged than the steel that adidas used in its “Lords” and Lion silhouettes.

The “Tram” logo is also a bit darker, which may be a reference to the adizero line of “trampled” tires.

Additionally, the black lining on the boots has been changed to a slightly darker color, which looks like it might be a nod to “Tears” by the American indie rock band Bully.

The boots are also black, but the shoes aren’t exactly matte black.

Both of the boots have a black, leather-wrapped upper, which feels slightly different from adidas’ Black/White and Black/Black silhouettes that debuted in 2013.

The adidas Toms Snow White and Snow Black boots come with a white heel and a black tongue.

They’re available now through Toms at a price of $220.

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