A Nike shoe maker is in talks with a U.S. government agency that wants to use the company’s sneakers as evidence in a criminal investigation into the company, according to documents reviewed by Recode.

The Justice Department declined to comment.

But the documents show the U.K.-based company is talking to the FBI and the Securities and Exchange Commission about how it might use the data it collected on its sneakers to help track down and prosecute people who committed crimes.

It is not clear if the company has reached any deals with the agencies.

The company has not responded to requests for comment.

The records were provided to Recode under the Freedom of Information Act.

They show that the company is in the process of reaching out to the Justice Department, and it has started using data from Nike to help identify and prosecute potential criminals.

The DOJ and SEC are currently looking at how they can use Nike data, according the documents.

They also describe an ongoing effort to build a team of people from the company and other technology companies who will help the agency better understand the nature and use of its sneakers.

The government’s use of Nike data is not new.

A report in February found that the shoes company has been collecting data about people who used its products for a long time.

Nike has said it will not share any of the data that it collects with the government.

The documents show that Nike has already been using the data to track down potential victims of crimes committed by its employees, including some of its most famous athletes.

Nike’s use in the case is particularly significant because the shoe company is not the only company that has been asked to provide data on people who use its shoes, according a source familiar with the matter.

That source said the data was part of a broader effort to better understand how shoes are made and the way they are worn by the people who wear them.

The source said Nike is not disclosing the number of people it has identified as victims of crime connected to the shoes, though it is expected to do so soon.

The agency is currently reviewing more than 10,000 records, including shoe models and descriptions, in order to identify the people most likely to be using the shoes to commit crimes.

The data, which has been used in more than 400 investigations over the past five years, will be used in the next phase of the investigations, the source said.

Nike is currently not allowed to share the data publicly, so the records are only available to law enforcement.

In its search for a way to help people who commit crimes, the Justice and SEC have been working with other tech companies to use their data in a similar way to Nike, and both agencies have already found some ways to use Nike’s data in the investigation.

One of the tools used by the agencies is a computerized database of shoe brands.

This database has collected more than 100,000 shoe models from around the world, including the model that the shoe maker makes its shoes in Japan.

The shoe company has used the data in previous investigations of potential victims.

In the case of a possible murder in Kentucky in 2008, the shoe firm collected shoe model information from hundreds of potential witnesses.

In a separate investigation, the company collected model data from a man who allegedly attacked a woman and threatened to kill her with a machete.

The companies also have used Nike data in other criminal investigations.

In 2013, for instance, Nike tracked down a suspect in the fatal shooting of a police officer in South Carolina.

That case is still being investigated.

The shoes company also is using data on the shoes it sells to help it identify and track down people who have committed crimes, like the one that killed the woman in Kentucky.

The technology is not being used in a way that would make it easier for the agency to use its data, a source said, but it could be used for other investigations.

The Nike shoe company was asked by the Justice department in 2016 to help with an investigation into how it stores shoes, a practice that is common in some parts of the world.

The federal government asked Nike to collect data about shoe brands, and to help its investigators understand how the shoes are manufactured.

The footwear company has said that it does not store its shoes for long periods of time, but in some cases, its shoes have been stored in warehouses for months at a time, the documents say.

Recode is an editorially independent program of the Recode Media Group, which owns half of Recode, Inc. The views expressed are those of the editors and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policies or positions of Recoding Media.

The full documents, which are listed on the Recodes website, show that it is currently working with the Justice, SEC, and the FBI to build an investigative team that can use the Nike shoe data.

The U.k.-based shoe company said in a statement that it believes the Justice is taking the right approach by using the information collected by

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