NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is expected to wear the most conservative shoes for the rest of his tenure, with an upcoming trip to the NBA’s All-Star Game likely to be one of them.

Sources familiar with the plan told Recode that Goodell will wear the standard size 9.5, a shoe that’s designed for athletes, but is also the perfect fit for his shoes.

Goodell has worn them on the court since being sworn in as commissioner in 2018, including on the NBA All-Stars game, the Super Bowl and the NBA Finals.

Sources say Goodell will be wearing a pair of shoes from Nike’s “Dollar Shoe Series” that will cost $299.99, and will come with a pair or two of socks.

Goodell will also wear a pair Nike’s new “Puck in the Box” socks, which have a custom-designed design that will have a different size for each sock.

A pair of Nike’s Nike+ “Pump-It” socks cost $349.99.

Sources say Goodell also will wear a custom Nike Air Max 1s boot.

The shoes will be available to the public on the Nike+ website starting Friday, April 23.

The NBA has said Goodell will not wear shoes from the shoe brand that will be on sale for the All-stars game on Feb. 25.

The league also said Goodell would not wear a Nike+ shoe during the league’s season-ending ceremony on March 1.

Goodell is also expected to stay at his suite in the Sheraton Miami Beach Hotel, according to multiple sources.

Goodell and the league have said they plan to release a statement on Goodell’s next shoe, but declined to say whether the commissioner would wear the Nike AirMax 1s.

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