Posted August 15, 2018 04:16:04 As the fashion season ramps up, it’s no wonder women are looking for their next favorite shoe.

While the women’s market has been booming, there’s still a huge gap between the men’s and women’s footwear segment.

The two segments share a lot of similarities: women want to feel their feet, but they also want to have the look of their choice.

Here are some facts to help you decide if your next pair of boots is a great fit.

Men’s and Women’s Footwear Market Share The men’s shoe market has remained fairly stable over the last few years, but women have grown much more interested in the women-focused market.

According to Foot Locker, women are spending more than twice as much on footwear than men.

As of last year, women spent $3.1 billion on footwear, while men spent $1.7 billion.

This is still less than a third of what the men spent, but the market is growing.

The average price for a men’s pair of shoes is $130.

For a women’s pair, the average price is $85.

Women have also become more likely to shop at shoe stores that specialize in women-friendly footwear.

According, Foot Locks data, women now make up more than a quarter of shopper purchases at shoe chains like Urban Outfitters, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Clarks.

The same trends are likely to continue in the men, too.

Women’s Shoes Are More Competitive While men’s footwear is still the top seller, women’s shoes have become more competitive.

According the Foot Lock data, the percentage of women buying a men, women, and a women-specific shoe has increased from 40 percent in 2016 to 47 percent in 2018.

The gap between men and women in the footwear market is also widening.

In 2016, women made up 47 percent of footwear buyers.

In 2018, they made up 48 percent.

The reason for the shift is likely to be a result of the rise of the e-commerce market, which has led to a higher demand for women’s-specific footwear.

There are many factors that contribute to the growth of the women market, from the growing interest in women to the rise in popularity of women-owned retailers.

But the fact that women are more willing to spend their money on a specific shoe could be one of the reasons why women are choosing more women-inspired footwear.

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