Australia’s leading footwear retailer is now making its shoes available in non slip, a popular option for runners after a recent push by the company.

The Australian Footwear and Accessories Association (AFAA) is now offering a wide range of shoes with non slip options, including a variety of models with an ankle strap and an outsole option.

The AFAA says that in some cases, you can get shoes with a non slip ankle strap, as well as outsole options.

It says it will be introducing non slip running shoes from the AFAA in the next few weeks.

“Our goal is to offer our customers a wide selection of options for non slip footwear in both non slip and slip options,” said a spokesperson for the company, whose website says the range of options includes “classic” and “slim” running shoes.

“For some people, they just want the look of non slip,” he said.

“We’re also happy to offer them a range of non-slip shoes in non-stretch rubber or non slip leather for the more minimalist or less athletic runner.”

So you can mix and match as much as you want and still get the best running shoe.

“The spokesperson said the shoes in the new range include an outsize, non slip version of the popular Ultra High Performance shoe.

The AFAAA’s footwear spokesperson said they were making the shoes available to customers at no cost.”

The range of the new non slip shoe will be available in two sizes and in both ankle and heel options,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson would not elaborate on what that meant in terms of pricing.

The company is not the first to make the shoes non slip.

The United States’ AFAAC has also released non slip versions of its footwear in the past.

The brand’s shoes were initially priced at $150 and $175 respectively.

In 2014, the brand introduced a $200 non slip option for non-running people, but it was removed in 2016.

The range also includes shoes with an “inflatable” option.

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