Women shoe sales have skyrocketed after Red Bull announced they would launch a line of Red Bull shoes, which include a pair of shoes inspired by the American actor’s signature sneakers.

The shoes are the latest in a string of Red Bulls shoe collaborations, which began when the Red Bulls named Shaq as their inaugural head coach.

They are the second collaboration between the Red Bull and Shaq’s shoe company, Red Bull Global Brand, after a pair were unveiled earlier this year.

Last month, the Red-white and gold shoes hit stores, which was followed by an Instagram post on Monday, which included a photo of Shaq wearing the shoes.

A Red Bull spokesperson confirmed to Reuters that the company is continuing to work with Red Bull Shoes to develop more shoes inspired in the star’s signature style.

“We’re excited to continue to work together with Shaq on future collaborations and will be unveiling more new Red Bulls shoes soon,” the spokesperson said.

While Red Bull has not revealed exactly when the shoes will launch, it is expected to be later this year or early 2018.

The Red Bulls have previously said they will announce new shoes before the end of the year, but this is the first time they have made a public announcement about an upcoming collaboration.

“Shaq is one of the most recognizable athletes in sports and we’re thrilled to have him as the lead brand on our footwear line,” said the spokesperson.

“He’s a role model, an ambassador, a legend and he’s a global brand leader who we know will inspire and inspire others to embrace their style.

We look forward to the shoes that Shaq will launch.”

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